Which essential ingredient all successful people possess – Part 1

Part 1: This blog is divided into 4 parts

Success has nothing to do with luck. Successful people don’t just sit around waiting for good things to come to them – they go out and seize prosperity for themselves. These are people who have vision, who take risks, and who throw themselves into unfamiliar situations. While it’s true that not every venture or risk pays off, this mindset makes the people who pursue them more likely to succeed in life.

That’s what differentiates successful people from average people; they know why they do it and stuck to their why! Possess a million-dollar mindset. And you know what? You could have this mindset too – if you want it! You just need to think and act like a millionaire. That means swapping out your limiting beliefs for empowering ones, and your harmful habits for successful ones. Let’s lay out a set of simple yet powerful principles, which you can incorporate into your daily routine right now. We will focus on financial success, the habits presented here are designed to propel you to fulfillment in all areas of your life, from your love-life to your health. By taking the time to work on yourself now, you can achieve levels of wealth, prosperity, and happiness.


Could you say, truthfully, that you know what you want from life? 


If not, you’re not alone. Most people struggle with this question. They have no trouble saying what they don’t want out of life, though! They might say that they don’t want to be lonely or poor, for instance. But when it comes to what they do want, they’re stumped. This is a problem if you want to be successful in life. How can you be expected to make your desires a reality if you don’t even know what they are?


Act more intentionally and stick to your goals by identifying what truly motivates you.


If you were to start a long car journey without knowing your destination, what do you imagine would happen? Well, you’d likely end up lost and out of gas. Similarly, if you go through life aimlessly, you won’t end up anywhere noteworthy. That’s why it’s important to occasionally take stock and remind yourself of what you’re really working toward. In other words, you need to figure out your why. This is what drives you – what really drives you. It’s your deepest, rawest, truest desire. Having said that, it’s not always immediately obvious what our why really is; this can take quite a bit of self-analysis to discover.


Let’s try the WHY questions:

Best done with a partner, and ask a “why” question seven times. The answer you provide forms the basis for the next question. So, for example, in response to the question,

  • “Why do you want to earn $100,000 a month?”
  •  you might say, “Because it will make me free.
  • ” The next question would then be, “Why is it important to be free?”
  • and you might say, “So I can spend more time with my family.”
  • Each round of questioning forces you to dig a little deeper into your motivations.


Whatever your why is, having a sense of what truly drives you will help refine your vision of where you want to end up.

In the next part, we will explain, how to overcome the negative forces within you that are holding you back.

Love, Marietta




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