As part of Younikorn, partnerships and doing things different are in our nature. We are always going the extra mile!
The Younikorn team are specialists and enthusiasts of all sorts. We all bring together experiences from all over the world.

This means we have a lot of expertise regards to the following: Marketing, Loyalty, AI campaigning, Gamification, Copywriting, Digital transformation, Disruptive strategies, Inspirational ideas, Business Development, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Customer Success Management & you can also book Motivational speakers.

Because we are working with all kinds of professionals all over the world, we can work fast, deliver excellent work and respond to your needs
with great service on an ongoing basis.

But also if your business is at a standstill or in need of a fresh perspective, Younikorn is here to provide solutions. Explore our services and let’s embark on a journey to drive success.
Let’s start NOW!


Want to join the Younik(orn) team? We are always looking for exceptionally talented and passionate professionals.
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Mariëtta Robbé Groskamp – Founder and CEO

As a founder and CEO of Younikorn, she acts as a connecting factor for (international) organizations that are looking for ad interim assignments in the fields of Marketing, Business Development, Leadership and Project Management. She is a welcome speaker at webinars, events and guest lectures. Mariëtta has an international Marketing and Sales background and worked for Microsoft, Dell, Orange and several international start-ups. As a Country Director at Velti she is responsible for delivering intelligent mobile marketing solutions for world outstanding brands such as T-Mobile and Coca-Cola. She has been nominated for: The Next Women 100, The Next Women to Watch and VIVA 400 Women - Tech & Innovation category. She is currently pursuing her MBA, focusing on developing expertise in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and has also launched her company,

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