What unique superpower are you?

The best teams have diverse personalities and talents.

In 1961, comic books were forever changed when the writer Stan Lee unveiled one of his greatest creations, the Fantastic Four. Each member of the team has their own unique superpower: invisibility, super strength, the ability to create and control fire and the power to stretch like taffy. The Fantastic Four are definitely the stuff of wild fantasy – but they can also teach us something about how the best teams in business operate. Just like the members of the Fantastic Four, the greatest teams in real life are made up of people with special skills and personalities that perfectly complement one another.

The biological anthropologist, Dr. Helen Fisher, has analyzed neuroscientific data and come up with four key personality types.

First is the Explorer. These are the ones who need more stress than others to reach their peak performance, making them ideal for taking risks. An Explorer is primarily influenced by dopamine, the biochemical related to the brain’s reward system for high-risk behavior.

Then there’s the Builder. This type is steady and dependable, thanks to their use of cautious deliberation. Their primary influence is serotonin, the biochemical emitted to reward low-risk behavior.

The third type is the Negotiator. This teammate has excess empathy, great verbal skills and a knack for always knowing what others are thinking and feeling. Their primary influence is the hormone estrogen.

Finally, there’s the Director. With a fierce competitive streak, Directors are also pragmatic and decisive, while being primarily influenced by testosterone.

The ideal high-performance team will have each of these personalities represented, along with the skills they bring to the table. However, as you’re assembling and managing this diverse dream team, keep these things in mind:

Explorers are easily bored, especially when burdened with repetitive tasks. So make sure they’re assigned creative and engaging jobs.

Builders are highly organized and don’t appreciate surprise changes in their schedule or assignments. If possible, let Builders set their own schedule.

Negotiators are highly sensitive to recognition. So, if you don’t want a disgruntled teammate, make sure they know how much they’re trusted and appreciated.

Directors benefit from working within a strong hierarchy; otherwise, don’t be surprised if conflicts and competition arise over who’s really in charge.

I always find it very interesting but I also keep in mind that you can’t fully relate to one type, sometimes there is a combination of two. But still one type will be more present.

Still not really sure what superpower you are? Or which combination? Lets explore the types a little bit more:


  1. I like unpredictable situations.
  2. I act on the spur of the moment.
  3. I get bored with familiar things.
  4. I have a wide range of interests.
  5. I am more optimistic than most.
  6. I am more creative than most.
  7. I am always looking for new experiences.
  8. I am always doing new things.
  9. I am very enthusiastic.
  10. I am willing to take risks.



  1. I like consistent routines.
  2. I respect authority.
  3. I consider every option thoroughly before making a plan.
  4. I enjoy planning a long way ahead.
  5. I follow rules.
  6. Taking care of my possessions is a high priority for me. 
  7. My friends and family would say I have traditional values.
  8. I am meticulous in my duties.
  9. I tend to be cautious.
  10. People should behave in ways that are morally correct.



  1. I like to know my friends’ feelings.
  2. I highly value emotional intimacy.
  3. I listen to my heart on decisions.
  4. I frequently daydream.
  5. I can change my mind easily.
  6. After watching an emotional film, I feel moved by it hours later.
  7. I have a vivid imagination.
  8. I am very empathetic.
  9. I get lost in my thoughts.
  10. I feel emotions very deeply.



  1. I understand complex machines.
  2. I enjoy competitive conversations.
  3. I am intrigued by rules that govern systems.
  4. I am analytical and logical.
  5. I pursue intellectual topics.
  6. I solve problems without emotion.
  7. I like figuring out how things work.
  8. I am tough-minded.
  9. I enjoy a strong debate.
  10. I’ve no trouble making choices.


So did you find your type as well? Are you curious what type of personality I’m? Just drop your comment below, I’m curious to read your feedback.




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