Unlock the full power of your mind and body #3

Use eye movement to activate your brain for improved memory and creativity.

Here’s another exercise for your mind’s eye: picture the face of someone who is thinking. There’s a good chance that you pictured someone with their eyes pointed up and toward the right. You’ll probably notice, too, that this is a typical expression for a cartoon or comic book character who’s thinking.

Try asking yourself a tricky question, such as how many windows your house has, and see what happens. You probably looked up and to the right as you tried to picture each room and counted. This is a standard reflex, triggered by any attempt to remember something. (For some left-handed people, the eyes will go up and to the left.)

Here’s another exercise: imagine what you would look like with three eyes; or picture a creature that has the head of a lion, the body of a lizard and a scorpion’s tail. This time, you’ll notice that your eyes only move sideways, not upward. That’s because these are new images, not ones stored in your memory bank.


Believe it or not, knowing about these eye movements can actually improve your memory and creativity.


The next time you’re trying to remember something, like the ingredients for a complex recipe, look up and to the right. This will help you tap into the part of your brain that stores memories – and hopefully result in a tasty meal! On the other hand, if you are asked to develop an advertising campaign for your company’s newest product, you can help yourself out by looking to the right. Instead of reaching into your memory bank, this will tap into the creative part of your brain that visualizes new solutions. By finding the right method of communication, you can make sure your partner receives your love.

You probably heard about different learning styles in school – some people retain information better by reading, others by listening or doing. Well, the same applies to romantic partners. When your style of communication differs from your partner’s, it can lead to unfortunate misunderstandings. People who prefer auditory forms of communication will consider what they hear and say more important than what they see. Therefore, when they communicate their love to their partner, they’ll focus on talking and using terms of endearment.

By contrast, a visual person will express love for a partner by writing love notes or buying jewelry and flowers. Such people rely on visual cues to get their message across. But these visual and physical gestures might be lost on a partner focused on auditory communication – a person who won’t feel fulfilled until love is expressed verbally. In order to figure out which type of person your partner is – be it auditory, visual or kinesthetic, which is someone who prefers touch and physical communication – you can ask some simple questions.

  1. First, ask your partner about a memorable time when he or she felt completely loved.
  2. Then, ask about what led to that feeling: Was it something someone said, or perhaps a hug or a surprise gift that made them feel so loved?
  3. Your partner might be both visual and kinesthetic, in which case you will want to use both touch and visual communication. Or they might be auditory and visual, which will require speaking and touching. So be sure to try combining multiple ways of expressing your love.


In our next Blog we will share more information on this subject.

Note: Blog is based on the book: Unlock the full power of your mind and body from the one and only “Tony Robbins”

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