Unlock the full power of your mind and body #1

Do you have desires that you haven’t yet achieved? What if there was a way to be fulfilled, to achieve the things of which you always dreamed? You already have the answers. The human mind is an extraordinary thing and finding fulfillment is simply a matter of unlocking your latent potential. Let’s tap into that unlimited power.


There is no such thing as failure, as each step you take offers you an opportunity to learn and grow.


If you’ve ever suffered from depression, you probably know that one of the most powerful triggers is feeling like a failure. In reality, there is no such thing as failing. Otherwise you could call the world’s most successful people “failures.” The difference between successful people and everyone else is that successful people see “failure” as an opportunity to grow and learn.

Check out below examples and see how many times they failed, but never gave up!


Thomas Edison for example – also didn’t believe in failure. He never gave up in his quest to create the light bulb, even after 9,999 unsuccessful attempts. Edison didn’t consider his previous attempts to be failures. Instead, each one was a discovery that revealed a new way of how not to create a light bulb.


Throughout history, successful people have learned from mistakes and have been unafraid to try again. Sometimes, even when we’re trying to be positive and loving, our actions can lead to hurt feelings. In these cases, instead of becoming defensive or blaming the other person for misinterpreting your words or actions, try to understand why your message was misunderstood. Maybe it wasn’t what you said but rather how you said it. Consider your tone of voice and how you expressed yourself. And once you figure out how the problem arose, be sure to try again.


You can control your brain and change the way you process your emotions to overcome depression.


You can’t prevent difficult situations from happening, but you can choose how your mind processes and retains such events. You can consciously control your perception of the world! For example, maybe you want to be an actor, but you balk as your inner voice says you’re not talented enough to pass an audition. What your brain isn’t telling you is that your skills can be improved and even perfected through classes and diligent practice.

Changing that inner voice can make all the difference. First, listen to what that voice is telling you. Next, instead of letting it tell you what you can’t do, try making it tell you what you can do. If this doesn’t work, try changing the tone of your inner voice. Make that voice appealing, even sexy. This trick can divest your inner voice of the power to cause fear and anxiety, making it easier to do the things you’re scared of. Such control can also be used to defeat depression.

Depression doesn’t have to be inevitable. One way to prevent it from taking over is to ask yourself: What thoughts go through my mind and what happens in my physiology to create the feeling of depression? Being aware of how depressive feelings are created within you can help you regain control over them. Negative thoughts often trigger or accompany depression. You may think of yourself as no-good or ugly or unsuccessful, or perhaps you say discouraging things to yourself in sad tones with your head hanging low, for example.

By paying attention to these thoughts and sensations, you can figure out which ones trigger your depression and catch them before they take over. Remind yourself that you are good, beautiful and not a failure, and take control of your inner voice.

In our next Blog we will go deeper and share more information on this subject.

Note: Blog is based on the book: Unlock the full power of your mind and body from the one and only “Tony Robbins”





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