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Success is all about an optimistic mind-set. By establishing goals, building confidence and facing your fears, you’ll be able to take your performance to the next level, whether in business or on the playing field.

So that’s what we did! Let’s organize a customer event.. because customers mention more and more how they wish to get a personal approach when it comes to products and services and that in all fields of life. Still, companies participate in big information fairs thinking that they will address people belonging to the target group and communicate with them more thoroughly on-site. In reality, things do not work like that. A customer event is more personal. All of the visitors to the fair are not the target group of your company and there is so little time to communicate with each contact because the aim is to speak to as many people as possible.

To get people interested, you need to give them a reason to show up. This is where you can really get creative! The draw the your event could be its location, such as a new hot-spot in town that people are eager to check out, or it could be the entertainment you’ve hired if you have access to a recognized artist. New product launches and pop-up openings are a draw in and of themselves, as people are excited to be the first to see something cool. We took the premiere of the LION KING! We provided the tickets via a Gamification platform where customers could participate in a game by doing an action (topping up). By entering the game, they made a chance to win one of the ticket for the Lion King Premier.

Hosting a Customer Event: Gather Data and Build a Brand

The event was a big success! They felt appreciated, had a great time and received some company updates. A customer event is a good place to emphasize the latest biggest achievements, present new products/services or keep good contact in a cozy free atmosphere with your customers and partners. So why not invite to the event all of the potential or loyal customers with whom it is good to speak to on-site? Customer event is certainly more effective and many times more personal than participating in some fair of the field of activity. In addition, it is possible to create memorable moments. See the video PrePaid Surprise event below.

Do you have some ideas for organizing a customer event? But not sure how to organize a event? Just contact me 🙂


Love, Marietta

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