Subconscious mind

Imagine an iceberg floating along in the Arctic. While you see parts of it above the surface of the water, most of it is hidden beneath.

The same can be said of your mind: the part we are aware of – the conscious mind – is visible and known to us, while the other, and at least equally large, part constitutes our subconscious. So how do we tap into such a vast and seemingly inaccessible part of our minds? Lets learn more about that:)

Do you remember when you learned to ride a bike? It likely required intense attention and focus from your conscious mind. But after a while, your subconscious probably started to get the hang of things and, pretty soon, riding a bike was a natural, almost automatic task. This is a great example of conscious to unconscious learning, an incredible tool at your disposal. Using it only requires harnessing the power of your subconscious mind through the repetition of positive thoughts.


The subconscious mind is tremendously powerful. In fact, it can absorb and manifest any idea that you suggest to it.


For instance, psychologists have done a number of experiments in which a seasoned hypnotist puts his students into a hypnotic state before suggesting to them that they are cats. The students then go on to act the part with total authenticity; their subconscious minds simply accept whatever their conscious minds believe to be true.

Or consider the Scottish surgeon, Dr. James Esdaille. Between the years 1843 and 1846, he performed some 400 operations, including amputations, well before the development of anesthesia. The mortality rate for his procedures was incredibly low, at just two or three percent, and it was all thanks to his technique of hypnotically suggesting to his patients that they would not contract an infection. This hypnotic tool was sufficient to prompt a response on the part of their subconscious minds and, in turn, their bodies.


What would you like to tell your subconscious mind? So you will achieve the things you’re want to achieve! In my next Blog I will tell you more about in how you can put things into action:)


Also this YouTube made by LondonReal interviewing Dandapani – is a very nice one! I have listened to it a couple of times:)  It sums it up all very well!

Love, Marietta

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