Rewire your brain

You can choose to be happy, and lose the negative thoughts that stand in your way.


There are ways to get more happiness into your life. It begins by changing your thoughts.

In order to be happy, you need to choose happiness. For example, a salesman, despite consistently outperforming his colleagues, he had never received recognition for his work. He blamed this discrepancy on a belief that the sales manager disliked him and therefore treated him poorly. His mind was full of hostility and anger toward his boss and, eventually, these thoughts began to obstruct his progress. However, he realized that he had the power to choose happiness instead by switching to a positive mind-set. He began wishing health and success upon his boss and practiced visualizing his manager congratulating him, going in for a friendly handshake and shooting him a beaming smile.

One day, his boss called him up and promoted him to sales manager, giving him a huge raise in the process.The takeaway here is that negative thoughts are highly detrimental and can even prevent you from attaining peace of mind.


Replace fears with positive thoughts to overcome obstacles and stay young.


When you were a kid, were you scared of monsters hiding under the bed?

If you were, as many children are, you probably remember that feeling of relief when your mom turned on the light, revealing that everything was safe. The truth is, all fears are built upon such false thoughts and terror can be eased by countering them. Some of the most common fears are of failure and powerlessness.

Another great video with some good advice from the Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu and now Tai Lopez:

Your subconscious mind is constantly at work, and you can harness its power for your own benefit. This dormant force can help you tackle any issue in your life, improving the way you feel both emotionally and physically. Ultimately, this entire process hinges on visualizing success and banishing negative thoughts. 


Actionable advice:

  • Use a simple technique for overcoming fear.
  • If you struggle with a fear, no matter what it is, try a simple approach to overcome it. Take five or ten minutes, three times a day, to sit down and imagine doing the thing you’re afraid of. Vividly picture the experience as a joyous one, with people cheering you on. By mentally practicing overcoming your fear in this way, the idea will take root in your subconscious mind, even when you’re not imagining it, and eventually the fear will disappear.


Did it work?

Love, Marietta

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