Make yourself a priority

Probably almost everyone feels like they have the potential for greatness within them. And you know what? They’re right. Sadly though, many people never reach their full potential since they lack the tools to do so. Instead, they lead their lives as mere mediocre versions of who they could be. Want to know more about how to realize your own inherent potential and become your best possible self? Continuing reading:)

Take responsibility for your life.

You’re probably eager to start your journey to becoming your best possible self, but first, let’s take a breath and look at you. Start by identifying the core areas of your life. Look at where you are and what you’ve done thus far; and with this in mind, think about which things in life are important to you.

Your core areas depend mostly on your personal preferences. They can include things such as your career, your health, your financial situation or your relationships. The main thing is that you trust your gut and be honest with yourself about what those preferences are. Don’t, for example, fool yourself into chasing ambitious career goals if you really only care about having a stable family life with lots of time for your stamp collection.

Once you have your list, rate each core area from one to ten, based on how happy you are with each area right now. The ranking will show you what your priorities are, and which areas are most in need of intervention. But before you start working on them, it’s important to prioritize yourself.

Today, many people are willing to bend over backwards to help others, but continuously ignore their own needs. But sadly, if you don’t make yourself a priority, no one else will either. Just as flight attendants tell you to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others, you should make sure to first help yourself, so that you can thereafter properly help others.

So how can you prioritize yourself? Make a list of seven actions – that take less than fifteen minutes to complete – where you make yourself a priority (i.e., reading a magazine). Over the next week, complete one action a day.
Both these factors – knowing what is important to you and making yourself a priority – are key prerequisites for both personal and professional fulfillment.

I will write more about it next time, but just lets start with this easy exercise (talking about exercise – I want to hit the gym, right now.. haha.. also very helpful though). Share your thoughts! Remember “YOU CAN” – YOU CAN CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT TO!!!


Love, Marietta

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