Life Hacks for 2019!

We all wish we could be in better physical shape, eat healthier, have better sex and generally live a more awesome life, but the daily grind can make that seem impossible to achieve. How are you supposed to juggle a full-time job while ensuring you consume healthy, nutritious meals and go to the gym? When do you have the time in between all that to rest, let alone enjoy sex?

Lack of energy and time are the two main obstacles to optimizing our day, but thankfully there are ways to combat them.


Just start with little steps. I also made some changes in my life 6 months ago and its so awesome once you are seeing the results. So here are a few tricks:


  • 1) Drink water after waking up, not coffee. (ok… ok…after your breakfast, go ahead…)

What’s the first thing you do after getting out of bed in the morning? Most of us hop in the shower or reach for a cup of coffee to kick-start our brains. If you want the best start to your day, however, you need to get properly hydrated, as your body becomes dehydrated during sleep. If you manage to get a good night’s rest, that is a minimum of seven hours without drinking any water. And if you live in a dry climate, were at the gym the previous day, or had a few alcoholic beverages the night before, then you would’ve been dehydrated even before going to bed!

During the night, you typically lose around a pound of water through sweat. Even mild dehydration can result in headaches, anxiety and irritability, which isn’t a great way to begin your day.

So how do we effectively rehydrate after waking up? The answer is not to drink coffee, but water.

When you drink coffee on an empty stomach, your bloodstream gets hit incredibly fast by caffeine. As a result, your body releases stress hormones that propel you into your fight or flight mode. To put it another way, waking up with caffeine tricks your body into feeling as though it’s being chased by a lion! What you should do instead is drink a glass of water with some fresh lemon and a pinch of salt. This will not only rehydrate you but provide essential nutrients and minerals such as potassium, calcium and zinc, making it the perfect way to start your day. And remember the 2 liter water rule, try to drink around 2 liter water daily!


  • 2) Breakfast

A typical Dutch breakfast consists of cereal, white bread, chocolate sprinkles (say what… yes..) cheese, milk and packaged juices, which don’t help our bodies. The normal quick thing items are simple carbohydrates, meaning they often contain plenty of refined sugar and very little fiber. Simple carbohydrates rapidly raise the sugar level in your bloodstream, and high levels of sugar are poisonous to your cells, which is why your digestive system releases the hormone insulin to keep your blood sugar levels in check. Unfortunately, when insulin gets into our bloodstream, it makes us lethargic and irritable, and over the long term, can cause serious health problems, like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

So the best thing to do is to start with a healthy breakfast with focus on proteins, fiber and good fat! I’m addicted to my morning shake, if you want the recipe, just leave a comment below and I will share it, so you can enjoy it:)


  • 3) Supplements

Our lifestyles aren’t as healthy as our ancestors’, so supplements can help. Our ancestors consumed plants that grew in mineral-rich, naturally fertilized soil, is something from the past. Today’s arable land has been over-farmed and stripped of nutrients, leaving the crops – and you – devoid of essential minerals.


  •  4) Set training goals that target overall health, not just one muscle group.

What if a miracle drug existed that could reduce your weight, relieve stress, strengthen muscles, increase your longevity, help you sleep well and fight depression? Well stop imagining, because it already exists – it’s called exercise. Even though exercise is an effective measure against things that ail us, 80 percent of Americans are not getting their recommended weekly dose of physical training. The reason why we aren’t exercising is that we set unhealthy goals which result in frustration and injury.

Just start with exercising base on your physic experiences, it becomes a way to ensure that exercise becomes a long-term, sustainable habit: simply approach it as a way to boost your overall health, not just a way to change your appearance. The results will be noticed after a few weeks, months:) If you need some motivation, remember that we’re attracted to healthy people. That’s right – healthy is sexy. If you want to find that special someone, aim to improve your health with exercise, and you’ll also end up improving your attractiveness!


  • 5) Sex is healthy, and you can have more of it by boosting your testosterone levels.

Sex is everywhere, used to sell everything from cars to laundry detergent. But why is it so ubiquitous in advertising? Because an overwhelmingly large portion of the world’s population craves it. And why shouldn’t they? Sex is beneficial, and we should all be doing it more often.

Besides the obvious pleasure benefits, regular sex is good for your well-being.
A recent study showed that regular sex can help to fight depression, combat the aging process, increase prostate health, enhance wound healing and raise pain tolerance. It also found that men who had sex less than once a week were twice as likely to experience erectile dysfunction.

Of course if you have a relationship, if not… yeah… keep strong! Just exercise often or go out dancing, meet-up with family and friends… or meditate! And start with #6 and visualize your ideal partner!


  • 6) Affirmations!!!!!

Perhaps most important, start with affirmations, every morning and you will see what it will do for you… See below video and share your results:)

Love, Marietta


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