Kobe Bryant

We have been reminded again of the preciousness and value of life and time. The legendary Laker, #24, one of the kings in the sport of basketball.  His name will be remembered for all the championships, records and legacy that he had with the game. But there’s more.. 41 year old husband, father and superstar Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash on Sunday, told CNBC in 2016 he hoped people would remember him more for investing than basketball in 20 years. on board that helicopter. He was known for his intelligence and humility as a parent and friend. He truly had an impact on the lives and in the lives of others.


But truly, he is gone. His story, the one he wrote is ended. The sequel is the story written by those that keep his memory and legacy alive. It dawned on me that truly, life is a fragile precious thing. God does not tell us how much time we have.

If Kobe knew that today was it, would he have lived it differently?

I don’t know, I won’t know. But I see that he always raised his bar, not a lot of people can say that! And the lesson that I want to share from this tragic reality is that:

  • We Don’t Know How Many Days Are Left For Us To Live.
  • So how will we spend this time?
  • Wait until the next decade to change careers?
  • Wait to spend more time with family, the boss is calling? 
  • Wait to take that trip, vacation because the time isn’t perfect?

Maybe it wasn’t any of those questions that apply to you, but what is that thing that you are telling yourself you’ll do because you think you have time? Or saying to yourself you’re to busy to do the things you like to do? So, why are you not doing it?

You and I both don’t have the promise of tomorrow, live today. Live without regret, live with purpose, live with gratitude for the present. 


Don’t leave it in your future. 

How can you start living?

What’s you next best move? 

Will you do it?

Please pray for all those going through this tragedy, RIP Kobe and Gigi and all the other passenger. Let’s make the best of our life! It’s the time, time is now!

Want to learn more about Kobe’s WINNERS mindset and work ethic, just watch this:

Much Love, Marietta



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