How to reach financial freedom

Have you heard of the “One Percent Formula and conquer procrastination with the A B C D E Method”? Brain Tracy, knows everything about it!

I will share you HOW🙂 So lets start imagine the following: a life of complete financial freedom. You live off the interest from your savings – spending all your time traveling and engaging in your favorite activities. Sounds dreamy! The good thing is this goal is achievable if you’re willing to apply certain tools.

The first step toward financial freedom is practicing delayed gratification, and the One Percent Formula is here to help you do just that. Simply force yourself to start saving 1 percent of your income and discipline yourself to live off the remaining 99 percent. So, say you earn 3,000 euro per month; 1 percent is just 30 euro.


And if you’re like most people who live paycheck to paycheck or have accumulated a large amount of debt, the One Percent Formula is still a realistic goal. As soon as you learn to start living off the remaining 99 percent, you can increase your savings ratio to 2 percent, and so on.


Each month, you’ll train yourself to consciously spend less and save more. And as you move toward financial independence, you can even pay off any debt you have and begin to attract more wealth.

Of course it sounds simple to save extra money, but in the end you also need to change your actions. Get more things done, so in the end you have more time, to spend with your beloved ones or to set-up an own business or whatever you prefer. The ABCDE Method will help you with that.

Then you must overcome procrastination by applying the A B C D E Method of prioritizing.

To start doing this, you need to write out a list of all the tasks you have to complete at the beginning of each day. Then prioritize them by following the A B C D E Method. The only rule is that you shouldn’t complete a lower-value task before completing all the higher value tasks first. It takes a great deal of discipline to choose your most important tasks and start on them immediately, but the following steps will assist in instantly doubling your productivity and earnings.


Under A, list your “Must do” tasks – those that hold major consequences if uncompleted.

Under B, write your “Should do” tasks, which have mild consequences if uncompleted.

C tasks are “Nice to do” activities, which have no consequences if uncompleted.

D tasks should be delegated to others so you can focus on the more important jobs.

And, lastly, E tasks aren’t essential to your goals and should be eliminated.


Just try to start with the ONE PERCENT this month and so on… and implement the ABCDE list today and try it out for 30, 60 or even better 90 days. Share your feedback once you did:) #STARTNOW


Love, Marietta

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