How to make time for your next success

Ever wonder how Elon Musk finds the time to develop “brain-computer interfaces”, save humanity from AI, launch sports cars into space, and – now – take his five boys on a camping trip in the mountains of California?

After all – just like the rest of us – he only has 24 hours in the day. And contrary to popular belief, he spends 6 of them sleeping. (For comparison, the average American sleeps for 6.8 hours each night.)


So, how does he make time for it all?

How do other billionaire entrepreneurs and top-tier executives make time for their next successes?

Answer: They don’t.


Because unless you have a time machine, it’s impossible to create more time.

We all get 24 hours a day – and no matter how many “hacks” you use, you simply can’t give yourself more hours. In fact, as you’ve probably noticed, the more you focus on time, the less time it feels like you have.


Elon Musk – and other titans of industry like him – have discovered that the secret is to stop trying to “manage your time” and instead manage your energy.



It’s because the more energy you have, the faster you work. We’ve all experienced it. When you’re firing on all cylinders, everything just feels easier. You’re able to glide through projects quickly, without the stress, frustration, and fatigue that so many of us suffer from.


You can’t create more TIME. But you can create more ENERGY.


  • wake up early
  • create a to-do list
  • write things down
  • exercise (daily, start with small steps)
  • eat healthy
  • peaceful mind = proper sleep
  • plan “me-time”
  • and enjoy your life.. be grateful (start with the little things)


So of course you need to be effective with your time but without energy you can’t do more things. Therefore just start with the basics, and other things will follow:)


Good luck!

Love, Marietta




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