Generative AI: Mind-Blowing Progress and Ethical Considerations

Generative AI is a technology that is advancing at an incredible pace. The latest version, Midjourney V5, has taken the level of detail to a new level. This technology has the ability to create realistic and complex images, videos, and audio, and it is simply mind-blowing how far it has come.

The incredible ability of generative AI is the creation of deepfake videos. Deepfakes are realistic video or audio clips that have been manipulated to show someone doing or saying something that they never actually did or said. For example, a deepfake video could make it appear as though a famous celebrity is giving a speech or doing a dance routine, even though they never actually did. Or what about a deepfake video or photo of a political leader, as shown below saying something they did not actually say can have serious consequences for public opinion and decision-making. Therefore deepfake videos can be used to harm individuals by damaging their reputation, credibility, and privacy. It can also be used to create non-consensual pornography or fake videos of celebrities, which can cause harm and embarrassment to them. It becomes very difficult to differentiate between genuine and fake information, and this undermines trust in information and the media.

All of these issues make deepfake a significant ethical and societal concern. It is important to acknowledge the potential dangers of this technology and work towards developing solutions to prevent and mitigate its harmful effects.

The younger generations, including Gen Z and Gen Y, have a strong attachment to their mobile devices with about 79% of them admitting that they cannot live without their phones (Y Pulse, 2022). They rely on social media platforms, such as TikTok, for news and information. Educating the next generation is becoming increasingly challenging, yet it’s more essential than ever. In my opinion, fostering critical thinking skills is crucial. Rather than emphasizing memorization, it’s vital to teach children how to critically evaluate information, think analytically, and make informed decisions. This approach will enable them to adapt effectively to a rapidly evolving world.

Therefore the progress made in Generative AI is remarkable and has the ability to bring about positive changes in our lives. Nevertheless, it is equally important to acknowledge the potential adverse effects and take necessary actions to mitigate them. With a conscious effort, we can leverage the potential of AI to build a better future. Even though the advancements in AI technology bring many benefits, it is crucial to equip ourselves to handle the possible negative outcomes and unpredictable transformations that may arise in the future. What are your thoughts on this issue?

Kind regards, Marietta


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