Don’t overthink, just do it!

You may have been given some well-meaning advice by someone who warned you against being impulsive, telling you to “Make sure you think things through!”. The problem is, the more time you spend thinking things through, the more likely it is you’ll end up paralyzed by uncertainty, confusion and exhaustion. In short, any great idea can seem dubious if you spend enough time picking it apart.

That’s why it’s helpful to let urgency propel you into action. If you find a cause that inspires passion within you, there’s a good chance it’s worth doing. Sure, there may be issues that you’ll need to deal with, but you can always figure those things out later. Don’t wait for the perfect conditions to be in place before taking action.

As Brené Brown, the author of Daring Greatly, puts it, you can waste a lot of time, talent and meaningful relationships waiting for the perfect moment.


Keep this in mind: You don’t have to take a huge leap in order to get involved. Whatever it is, you can always break it down into a series of small steps instead of facing it as one massive goal.

If, for instance, you’re passionate about the environment and want to launch a business redefining the way communities recycle, start by volunteering to clear trash in your neighborhood while learning more about the current recycling methods. It’s time to take action and be fearless about following your heart.

I really believe that the world needs more fearless people out there, willing to go for broke in trying to help the planet and put an end to hunger and poverty once and for all. It takes fearlessness for transformative things to happen because every groundbreaking idea requires the willingness to take risks, learn from failures and to step out of comfort zones.  Therefore failure is part of the journey, keep on failure, until you get what you love!

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Actionable advice: what I did to help myself to be more fearless is to write your fears down, or just talk to yourself about your fears. What will happen in the worst-case-scenario! Losing your home? Living on the streets? You’re not going to die, at least not by making this step.

Another way to make sure you get outside your bubble is to embrace diversity. A 2018 McKinsey report showed that businesses lacking gender and ethnic diversity underperformed compared to more diverse businesses. Plus, female-led businesses are shown to perform significantly better than male-led businesses. Yet, despite these impressive numbers, only 10 percent of investment capital goes to businesses founded by women or minorities.

For a strong start to a new endeavor, make a plan and just go out there AND DO IT!!!


New beginnings are exciting, but a strong start requires more than just a positive outlook. Put in an intense effort for four to six weeks, giving an extraordinary amount of focus to kickstarting your new endeavor. Clear your calendar to focus on work – it won’t be sustainable for the long term, but it doesn’t need to be. Set a deadline for transitioning back into a more normal life, satisfied that the intense work you’ve put in is a worthwhile upfront investment. This step isn’t likely to be easy but, as the CEO of your own career, laying the groundwork for future success is crucial.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on your stress as you adjust to a new and unfamiliar environment. Take responsibility for managing this and be sure that you invest time in a fitness program that will help you stay cool-headed and energetic. The only person who can keep you healthy and functioning at your best is you.

I’d sure love to hear what you think about this content! Just drop a comment below:) and just remember JUST DO IT, go out there and SHINE!

Love, Marietta

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