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As you perhaps already have seen in my last blog – I wrote about the whole story of the great cycling adventure on a wooden bike to the private island Obojan in Croatia. The reason of cycling trip was due to the 4 days Dell Technologies Go Beyond event. Just by connecting the right people, sudden how you are part of this amazing out-of-the-box event. Try it yourself, set goals, start visualizing and anything is possible, be more bold! I was thrilled and I really love doing new things, meeting people! As you all know, I worked for Dell two times so I was really looking forward to meeting up with my ex colleagues again. I’m extremely impressed “how” Dell organized the event. I’m definitely a true believer that this should be the way of how companies need to organize business events. Keeping in mind the changes we are all going through with new technologies, new generations, new way of working. Business events should be changed too. Instead of sitting in a room where a speaker comes by and is sending and sending and sending the information. What message will really stick to your mind by end of this business event? Listened to a lot of different speakers, your mind is full of all the information, you feel tired, because you didn’t have a lot of fresh air, you perhaps didn’t do any workout.. But you can say you have been in a nice area with most of the time a nice view but it’s inside a building and mostly you sat down in an inactive mode. But let’s be serious, this needs to be changed and DELL TECHNOLOGIES did, during their Go Beyond event. The event took place on the private island Obojan, great weather and an informal way of getting to know each other, demonstrating and living the values of how Dell’s innovations impact their business, their industry, and their broader culture.


DELL EMC Go Beyond Festival is all about network, learn and celebrate to Go Beyond your Dreams, Beyond your Imagination and Beyond your Mind for an extraordinary experience. For this edition we have privatized the most pristine and beautiful Island to embrace the nature and the great outdoors. Our days together will be filled with amazing Mindful sessions, Creative activities and delicious organic food, all for you to go back home with a memory of a life time and an even stronger love for doing business with DELL EMC

Most of us give 40 hours and perhaps even more hours per week to our employer. We live in a 24/7 society, so the way we look to work should be changed to. Our personal life is part of it, our health, our family, giving something back to the world. We should not threat work as work… we should look beyond… And this is what Dell did. They included: business, 1:1 with managers and partners in a very nice setting, talked about specific topics such as: ethics, sustainability but also a healthy mind and don’t forget the daily morning exercises. A company nowadays is not just a company, but so much more. An employee should recognize him or herself with the voice a business is standing for. You need to identify yourself and feel connected to the company. It’s the internal message but also the external message to the world. Dell did also put out the message about “Sustainability”. A very important topic, where more and more companies are paying attention to and we actually I think it’s no longer an option to lead a sustainable business and teach about it, it’s our obligation!

Even one small change can make a difference.


There’s a carbon footprint to virtually every meal, drink and activity in your life, and many of these footprints can be reduced with some simple changes. These include texting instead of calling, drinking tap water instead of mineral water, taking quicker showers and reducing your meat and dairy intake. By being more aware of the hidden contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, you can make adjustments to your daily life without causing too much of a disruption. Dell spoke about their CSR challenges and how they are changing that by taken little steps. For example the laptops with plastic housing are made of recycled plastic taken out of the ocean. It were inspiring sessions which make you immediately think of how you could make some changes yourself.

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Lots of fun during our speech on stage with @paulefmorfidis from @cocomatworld Paul is truly one of the most interesting and loving persons I ever met and the audience was amazed by his way of living a simple life despite running a global business. The success was REAL and Paul and his team was instantly booked to share the story on two of the Key stops of Dell Technologies Forum this year. Side note: Paul offered a wooden bike to anybody doing more pull ups than him on stage. # of winners: 0… #girlboss #womeninbusiness #femaleentrepreneur #pushup #womenempowerment #bossbabe #ladyboss #womenwhohustle #motivation #womenentrepreneurs #womenempoweringwomen #womeninbiz #entrepreneur #mompreneur #bosslady #women #savvybusinessowner #makeithappen #bossbabes #lifestyle #beyourownboss #lawofattraction #empoweringwomen #love #businesswomen #entrepreneurlife #browngirlbloggers #selfcare

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Paul actually had to speak about his business, how COCO-MAT is doing sustainable business. On a playful way he presented it to the audience. A few hours before his speech, Dell asked me to do the introduction of Paul. Of course immediately the little voice came up in my head saying: oh your English is crap, oh you cant do it, oh maybe you don’t know what to say anymore, what if you screw up etc. Funny fact: the worst thing in life where people have the biggest fear for is not dying but public speaking haha. But I knew it was the right thing to do, the right time to grow, the right moment to show myself what I am capable of doing. So I stood up, said to myself SHUT THE F*** UP! I cycled 525 KM, mostly alone, through 4 different countries and I’ve managed to arrive here, safe and sound. Are you now going to tell me I cant? I know I F***** CAN do this! And I will show you now. I was excited and had some good nerves, but I just did it. And the introduction speech was amazing. Received great positive feedback. I need to admit I also loved doing it, it was awesome. Would love to do this more often. So lets see where the journey will go. I’m visualizing a lot and I’m already looking for new challenges, so if you have a nice one, just contact me and lets see if we can make it work.


Question for you today:

When was the last time you did something new?


Love, Marietta

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