Control your brain!

You can use the power of positive thinking and visualization to realize your dreams!


Back in the eighteenth century, priests would heal the sick by convincing them that God would make them well. Incredibly, this approach often worked. But it wasn’t the work of some mysterious deity; the subconscious mind was the real healer.

This seemingly supernatural effect can be explained by the fact that positive thoughts give your subconscious the power to heal diseases.


For a home seller, the first step was to build confidence to set a reasonable price. Then, while in a sleepy state, you would envision celebrating the day the sale finally closed. As if you dozed off, keeping this image in your head, your subconscious mind would connect you with the buyer. So visualize! 

Joe Dispenza explains it very nice on how we can control our mind (Original Interview by the one and only Tom Bilyeu from Impact Theory)

Visualization and passion can help you achieve tremendous results.

Just take the story of an Australian boy who dreamed of becoming a doctor and a surgeon, despite lacking the money he needed to start on the path toward this dream. Every night for months, before he fell asleep, he would imagine a medical diploma hanging on his wall with his name written on it.

Eventually, a doctor who knew the boy saw potential in him and trained him to sterilize instruments, give injections and eventually paid for his medical school tuition.

Another way your subconscious can help you is by overcoming envy, a feeling of inferiority that can obstruct your path to wealth. For example, seeing another person cash a huge check might make you feel envious, but you can easily defeat this response. Or the example from Jim Carrey, visualizing a 10 million cheque! If you want to hear more about it, see below video:



Did you know that humans spend a full third of our lives asleep?


But that’s not to say this is all lost time. In fact, lots of things happen while you sleep; your body restores its energy, heals faster and digests properly. With your physical body so active during rest, you better believe that your subconscious is working through the night as well, striving to protect you.

Incredibly, these intuitive powers of your subconscious can help guide you. Share your thoughts! Did you already control your brain?


Love, Marietta


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