Air Pollution

You will think so what has Airpolution to do with Fashion, a lot believe me…

Conventional energy sources, like fossil fuels and nuclear power, are dangerous and environmentally damaging. For over a hundred years, humanity’s energy needs have been met for the most part through the use of conventional energy sources like fossil fuels and uranium. But herein lies a problem: the quantity of these resources on earth is finite and humanity’s need for energy is infinite. All experts therefore agree that we need alternative solutions.

People like to believe that new clean technologies will solve our environmental problems. But it’s NOT. We human need to change AND governments need to combat the climate change hand in hand. We need to recognize that we need to use less energy, and people tend to find this idea unpleasant. It calls to mind things like taking cold showers, reading in the dark, sweating in a bus with no air conditioning, etc. The biggest obstacle is that, in general, people either don’t really understand or care about how their present behavior impacts the future. Teen smoking is one example: although they’re told smoking can cause cancer, teens aren’t deterred from smoking if the negative effects can’t be felt immediately. And the same is true for climate change: it’s not an immediate threat, so people can’t really imagine what the negative effects will be.


To negate this tendency, efforts to change people’s behavior should revolve around more tangible and immediate negative impacts.


For example, one anti-smoking campaign focused on how a date can be ruined if you have smoker’s breath. This immediate downside proved far more persuasive than the possibility of cancer in the future.

Similarly, persuading people to limit their energy consumption will be easier if it brings tangible benefits, like saving time or money. And that is evidenced by the fact that, on average, Europeans consume less than Americans and also tend to be happier. (jeeeeeejjj…;-)). The government should adopt policies to encourage companies and people to cut energy consumption. For example commute by bike and you’re also saving time by getting a workout during your commute. And after a shower at the office, you’ll be full of energy for the day and don’t forget you will be more productive!

Beijing may have to wait another 16 years before it will have safe, clean air, according to a report from the capital’s environmental authority. The World Health Organization has said that roughly half of the world’s urban population is exposed to pollution at least 2.5 times higher than it recommends. Air pollution is now the single largest environmental health risk, with an estimated 7 million deaths globally in 2012 caused by air pollution, according to a report from the health agency in March 2014. Most of the worst polluted cities are in Asia.

While it may take years to fix this global problem, innovative minds in the Asia region have come up with creative solutions for living with air pollution. Face mask couture Can face masks become fashionable? Beijing-based designer and body painter Nina Griffee hopes so. She has created a line of womenswear that incorporates air filters made by Vogmask. Some of the looks are reminiscent of burqas, covering the entire head and face, with just the eyes of the wearer exposed –


If climate change isn’t changing a fashionable Face Mask will be a common streetscape! Nevertheless if you really want to protect yourself for Air pollution, you need to wear a comfortable spacesuit, because your whole body breaths air.

By Marietta


So a new Fashion statement will be what kind of air mask will you wear with your new dress for Summer? It’s something to think about, the air pollution is something we can’t ignore and fresh air is something we ALL need. Lets embrace oxygen, let’s embrace “O”. We need Oxygen and I love the smell of fresh air, let’s start today and share you “O” selfie with me and #JoinO

Much Love, Marietta

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